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A Christmas in Films

Dear Readers,

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner everyone is preparing for some time off to relax with their family and friends, and for me that involves an extensive list of films, a few boxes of chocolate and a full teapot. So here is a list of my absolute must watch films for the holiday season. Continue reading A Christmas in Films

The Value of a Pet

Often I have wondered what life might be like had I not been brought up with animals. Being an only child (note: I have two wonderful brothers who live and work in Australia, but I was brought up on my own), pets have played a huge part in my little family throughout my childhood. 5 years before I came along my parents brought home a rescue dog, a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador, and they couldn’t have chosen a more well-natured, funny, gentle giant than Barney. Continue reading The Value of a Pet