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Beauty and the Beast (*****)

Hi all!

So this weekend I finally¬†got round to watching Beauty and the Beast at the pictures. Firstly, let me explain the significance of this film in my life. I’ve never been a massive fan of princesses, and as a child I found their helplessness and need to be saved more irritating than anything else. For this reason, Belle and Pocohontas were the only two “princess” films I could tolerate as a kid as they were the only two who took responsibility for their own fates, and so when I found out they were making a live action version of Beauty and the Beast I was more than a bit excited. Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (*****)

A Christmas in Films

Dear Readers,

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner everyone is preparing for some time off to relax with their family and friends, and for me that involves an extensive list of films, a few boxes of chocolate and a full teapot. So here is a list of my absolute must watch films for the holiday season. Continue reading A Christmas in Films