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My Fictional Bucket List Booktag

Hey readers!

I saw this book tag a few days back and though I haven’t technically been tagged, I’m doing it anyway. The point is to compile a list of things you’d want to do with your favourite fictional characters, so here goes: Continue reading My Fictional Bucket List Booktag

The Value of a Pet

Often I have wondered what life might be like had I not been brought up with animals. Being an only child (note: I have two wonderful brothers who live and work in Australia, but I was brought up on my own), pets have played a huge part in my little family throughout my childhood. 5 years before I came along my parents brought home a rescue dog, a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador, and they couldn’t have chosen a more well-natured, funny, gentle giant than Barney. Continue reading The Value of a Pet