Getting to Know Palma


Some might think that your best friend going to study abroad for a year would put a spanner in the works in terms of having a catch up, I certainly did when I found out Carys was jetting off to Berlin last summer. Ironically we’ve actually seen more of each other living in two different countries than we did when we were both in the UK, and we met in Palma De Mallorca last month for yet another adventure.

Food and Drink

With both of us being vegetarian, it can sometimes be a little tricky to find restaurants that cater to our needs. We wanted to try some tapas whilst in Spain (“when in Rome” and all that) and were a little disappointed to find it wasn’t particularly veggie friendly, with most places only offering Spanish omelette and spicy potatoes (essentially fat chips with spicy dip on the side) as non-meat options. That being said, we spent our first day with some people we met at the airport and they loved their meat dishes – definitely one to try for the carnivores amongst us!

One spot we were particularly impressed with was Lennox, a sports bar filled with British tourists down the main strip of the town. Not only was it a lovely spot to sit outside by the fire for an evening meal, their vegetarian burger was one of the best I’ve ever tasted and I’ve been having serious cravings for it since returning to London. Friendly staff, delicious food and an all round excellent evening.

Also worth mentioning is Anima Beach Palma, a gorgeous seaside bar we stopped at on our first night. The golden hour view is second to none – just make sure you check their opening times before visiting…

Tourist Spots

Knowing almost nothing about Palma before jetting off, Carys and I decided the best way to explore the city would be on a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. We didn’t get off at every stop, but some notable tourist hotspots we did visit included Bellver Castle, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and the iconic cathedral Basilica de Santa Maria. We also decided to take an excursion into the mountains on our last day on Tren Soller, a lovely little trip which warrants its own write-up.

My Thoughts

I feel as though we experienced Palma at one of it’s craziest times of year, having travelled there on Balearic Day and staying there for a full weekend of celebrations which we didn’t even know were happening.

The atmosphere was absolutely electric with countless parties, gorgeous food and drink stands and endless family fun all round. I would definitely recommend travelling around the 1st March for a weekend of festivities for all ages.

Travelling in one of the colder months, I’d say Palma could be explored in a couple of days, however if you were to travel at a warmer time of year there are plenty of gorgeous beaches to utilise and so I’d highly suggest an extra day or two! All in all a lovely weekend and a city I’d love to return to one day.

Balearic Day Palma 01 March

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