Deadpool 2 (****)

Witty, clever and outrageous, Deadpool 2 successfully builds upon the formula of the first film. With a group of misfit superheroes banded together by Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) to form X-Force, the film follows their mission to stop Russel, aka ‘Fire Fist’, before it is too late for the people of the future.

Having set a $400 million budget, perhaps the largest in movie history, Marvel have invested an incredible amount into this film, and with tremendous success. Reynolds has become iconic in his role as Deadpool, the wisecracking, loveable rogue of a superhero we all know and love, and with Marvel fans across the world anticipating its release it is easy to see why Deadpool 2 made $1 billion in its opening week.

The sequel picks up exactly where the first movie finishes. Deadpool / Wade (Ryan Reynolds) has married Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), his crime fighting antics continue, and he remains as offensively sarcastic as ever. True to form, Deadpool who is now an unwilling X-Men trainee, unwittingly ends up in the ‘Ice Box’ alongside Russel, aka ‘Fire Fist’, when a mission to calm the boy goes wrong. The two end up sharing a cell, stuck wearing collars that suppress their mutant powers. Enter Cable (Josh Brolin), who arrives from the future on a mission to destroy Fire Fist before he inevitably causes too much destruction. Deadpool bands together a team of misfit mutants, and sets out on a mission to save Fire Fist’s life before Cable gets to him and still change the course of the future.

Marvel seem to treat Deadpool 2 as a satire of what the classic superhero film should be. By introducing charming new characters such as Domino (Zazie Beetz), whose only known power is luck, Marvel almost seem to mock the convenient near misses, comfortable landings and handy loopholes out of tricky situations that many of their superheroes experience in other films. Deadpool’s ridiculous notions and wisecracking could very easily grow tiresome, yet Marvel’s treatment of him as the antithesis of the classic superhero prevents this and allows the audience to sit back, relax, and enjoy his borderline offensive one liners for what the are; comedy gold.

Deadpool 2 is just as good as its predecessor, with equal parts gore and comedy throughout. Bearing in mind the film industry as it stands now and Marvel’s notorious reputation for churning out film after film, it surely won’t be long until a Deadpool 3 becomes the next blockbuster hit, and I personally can’t wait for more of the same.

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