A Week in Split

Last week for my 20th birthday I was lucky enough to check another location off my travel bucket list and, with a group of 3 of my closest friends, made it across the way to Croatia! And my God, was it everything I dreamed it would be and more. Here’s a few highlights of the week and what you should look out for when travelling to Split.

Getting There

IMG_1760We travelled to Split Airport directly from London Gatwick with Norwegian Airlines which was a smooth journey with a great airline. We had previously booked to stay just out of Split at Apartment Ivica in a town called Stobrec and were picked up from the airport by our landlord. The apartment is very easily accessible by a 10 minute Uber ride or a direct bus route. If anyone is travelling to Split any time soon, I cannot recommend this apartment enough – our landlord was the most wonderful, helpful person you could imagine, especially in a dangerous time of great need (but more on that later…)

Food in Croatia

Food in Croatia was not one of its biggest selling points for me – however I am a particularly fussy eater so most people may not agree with me on this one. As someone who does not eat fish, I unfortunately missed out on Croatia’s world famous seafood and delicacy of choice when out there. Despite this, my friends gave it top reviews and I would urge anyone who’s out there to give it a go.

Throughout the trip, I was basic and stuck to a variety of pizza, pasta, burgers, chips and other fast food choices. One treat I cannot recommend enough in Croatia is the ice cream! With some of the wackiest flavours I’ve ever tasted, their gelato comes second only to what I’ve tasted in Italy and kept me cool in the glorious heat out there.

Night Life

IMG_1852.PNGFor a group our age it would have been rude not to experience Croatia’s night life while we were there, so of course we treated ourselves to a couple of nights on the town. To celebrate my 20th birthday we headed out to Club Central in the town centre, which was one of the strangest nights I have ever experienced, and that’s saying a lot considering my usual hangout is Heaven. Filled with acrobats, dancers, and even a violinist accompanying some serious EDM remixes, I can safely say that I have never experienced a night out like it. The jury’s still out whether I actually enjoyed it or not, but it doesn’t help that we got majorly ripped off for drinks, or that my ID, bank cards and cash got nicked while I was there. Happy birthday to me!

We also spent a night at Vanilla Club, which I personally thought was a much better night than Central. Vanilla is an outdoor bar located right next to a swimming pool. The DJ was great, drinks were cheap enough and we actually had a really great time.

Days Out

Now we have reached the part I am most excited to talk about – the amazing days out and experiences you can have out there. Many of these will get their own blog posts (keep an eye out!) so I wont ramble too much but if you’re worried about getting bored during your stay in Split, don’t be. In the six days we spent there I don’t think even we saw everything Split has to offer.

Our first bit of sightseeing was at the Diocletian Palace in Split town centre. We visited the palace on my birthday so myself and Jas (the girl who kept me sane on this trip) were both majorly hungover, but it was still an absolute highlight for me. I studied Classical Civilisation for four years during my time at school for both GCSE and A Level, so the chance to visit Roman ruins and walk the same steps as people did thousands of years ago is an opportunity I rarely pass up. It was also a major selling point that the ‘Kill the Masters’ scene from Game of Thrones was filmed here. Daenerys is an absolute boss and seeing the filming location for one of the most iconic scenes of the series was incredibly exciting for me.

We also took a ferry out one morning to spend a day exploring the island of Brac. For anyone who is travelling to Split, this is a day out that I would not pass up if I were you. The island is less well known than Split (meaning less tourists and more beach space!), much more beautiful and the water is much cleaner and nicer to swim in. One bit of advice – make sure you bring wet shoes to use in the water! This was a lesson I learnt too late, as I came out of that water with 10 different gashes across the sole of my foot that took a week and a half to actually seal up from shells across the bottom of the water.

Some of the following excursions and day trips we took part in included Krka National Park, Klis Fortress, and a boat trip that took us around many of Split’s surrounding landmarks and islands. There is so much to say about these days out that they will get an individual blog and vlog each, so keep an eye out as these are soon to come!

Other Notable Points and Advice

  • Split is one of the safest places I could possibly imagine, with very low crime rates (I got particularly unlucky with my cash and cards going missing).
  • There are plenty of ATMs around town, so if you find yourself without cash to hand there’s no reason to stress.
  • Uber literally was a godsend on this trip, with really cheap fares and a couple of VERY good looking drivers…
  • Make sure you do your research! Some of the tours offered by tourist groups are not the cheapest way to get about, and you might be getting ripped off so make sure you look into the best ways to do your days out.

My week in Split was one of the best of my life and I can’t imagine a better place to have spent my birthday. It is so picturesque, really cheap while you’re out there, and has the perfect balance of great days out and lovely beaches to relax in. If you’re looking to travel there any time soon or have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment! I love hearing from you all.

Kate. X


Full VLOG can be found on my Youtube channel – enjoy!

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