Everyday Blessings of Life

Hi guys,

Last night, at an ungodly hour (I’m still not sure why I was up so late) I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a post that really touched me. It was a video comprised entirely of flash cards that made me rethink a lot of the recent and past events in my life, and just reminded me of the things that are really important.

The video began by stating “Imagine your life has suddenly ended. This very second. No time to say goodbyes, no time to prepare”. It then went on to ask a series of quite simple yet profound questions:

1. What did you love about your life?

There is so 2016-12-19much in my life that I love. With a secure and happy childhood, the most incredible parents I could have ever asked for, the chances I’ve been given to follow my dreams, and a solid group of friends that I could (and can still) rely on for support, care and advice should I need it, I haven’t even begun to scrape the surface of the elements I truly love about my life.

2. Do you have any regrets now that your life is over?

2016-12-19-1This was the question I found the most difficult to answer out of the three, because it was the one where I had to be most honest with myself. I won’t go into details here, but in my mid teens I got caught up with a bad crowd for a while and it triggered a shockwave of events that took at least a few years for myself and my family to recover from. I hugely regret the problems and rifts I caused within my family at this time, and even though we are all completely past it now, I’d give anything to go back and change the way I treated those who were trying to care for me when I needed it most.

3. If you were given one more crack at living, what would you do?

2016-12-19-2There is an endless list of things that I would change so I won’t cover them all, but one main element is to realise the importance of family before it is too late. Love is so much more than just words, and this is a lesson I learnt far too late in life. Despite my mum drilling into me that “actions speak louder than words”, it took far too many years for me to actually register what this meant, and so given one more chance at life, I’d do absolutely everything I could to honestly show my family how much I really do love them. I’d also try to let things go more easily – I don’t need to prove anything to anyone and I would try to remember this more often and let people have their moments rather than wasting my time on small minded people.

Despite my ramblings above, this post isn’t meant to just be me gushing about my life; the video I watched was no longer than 2 and a half minutes but it genuinely made me think about everything I should be thankful for every day. God has truly blessed me in this life and I don’t show my gratitude anywhere near enough.

If you want to take a look at the video yourself you can find it here. I seriously urge you all to just take a glance at it, it’s truly humbling and just a few minutes out of your day to remember all the things you have to be grateful for.

Until next time.

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