On Stranger Tides

Dear Readers,
This week I will be experiencing something that I don’t have a lot of experience with – change. My whole life I have been blessed enough to have a stable, albeit small, family unit around me, with a stable home and good friends. For the first time in my life, I am undergoing some really drastic changes, so I am dealing with it the most logical way I can think of – by making a list.

1. I’m moving house. 

I have lived in the same house all my life, and the thought of leaving my childhood home is causing me some SERIOUS anxiety. 19 years worth of memories are held within those walls: all the Christmases spent there, the day I brought my cat home nearly 13 years ago, cosy winter weekends spent in front of the fireplace with my parents, birthday parties as a child, playing in my back garden with my dog, the treehouse my dad built for me from scratch for my 4th birthday that is still standing now, watching movies with my mum every Saturday with homemade chips beans and cheese, memories of my grandpa and his funny little habits and his most beautiful garden that I loved playing in. All of this I will be leaving behind, which I am finding very difficult to come to terms with. It’s also going to be so hard moving so far away from my best pals and my local hangouts.

my photography of the river thames, a nice evening walk

2. I am also moving to a student flat in London. 

Time for a bit of positivity – I finally get to start full time musical theatre training in just a few weeks. This is what I have dreamed of my entire life, and I couldn’t be more excited!! I’ve visited the flat once and couldn’t possibly make my room nerdier if I tried, with plans to hang a map of middle earth above my bed beside the Hogwarts crest, which in turn is next to my Hogwarts Express bookends (and let’s not forget the Lumos and Nox light switch). I will be turning my bedroom into a haven of mystic and magic, with my two great loves of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter as a central theme.

3. Leaving work. 

I am currently waitressing and obviously since I am moving away I won’t be able to make the long commute to work every day. It will be sad for me leave such a great team, as I genuinely feel I get on with everyone there really well (even Ramon, my manager who seems to think writing a blog is the least cool thing that anyone could possibly do, and reminds me of this almost every shift – you finally got your shoutout!!). I will miss the team there so much and have loved being back at Bill’s, despite the fact that my time back there was so short.

sneaking some chips from the kitchen at work

4. Starting a new job!

I was lucky enough to get a new job with an agency, working at places like Harrods, Charlotte Tilbury and Selfridges. Having worked a few shifts there already, I feel so lucky to be living and working in such a diverse city as London where there is so much to learn from so many different people. As my dad keeps reminding me, it takes all types to make a world.

So that’s my list readers! As someone who doesn’t cope with changes well, I am feeling unnaturally stressed at what is going to happen to me over the coming week or so, and if anyone has any advice for dealing with this level of pressure then PLEASE let me know, God knows I need it!

Until next time,


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  1. Chris Ward says:

    Always look on the bright side…. Prepare everything needed for the next day the night before, so no panic trying to find something in the morning. Remember that, if you do have a few bad days, they are only a tiny tiny percentage of your life span and so nothing to worry about.


    1. katepadley says:

      Thanks Chris, that advice about preparing the night before is actually really helpful too. Did it last night and now I’m much less stressed before work this morning so thank you!


  2. How are things going, 2.5 months later? I’m proud of the way you tackled the change, even when it scared you.


    1. katepadley says:

      Things are going great!! Having an amazing time at my new college with some great new friends, and going home to the countryside with my family is just perfect on weekends and holidays. Everything has completely changed for the better, thanks for asking!

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